Solana Friends

Invite friends. Earn Rewards.

Connect your wallet to start earning
What do I win?!

You win a portion of the Rewards won by those you referred directly + those who were referred by your directs (associates).

Build a bigger network, get bigger rewards! 🚀

Example 1: You refer Geoff (direct) get a portion of his Rewards.

Example 2: Geoff refers Matt (associate) get a portion of Geoff & Matt’s Rewards.

How do I get referrals?

Share your referral link with friends!

They will be linked to the first ref link they use.

Make it yours, share the link! Build a big team! 💪🔥

Are the rewards sent automatically?

Yes, after the required confirmations are completed on-chain, Rewards are automatically distributed to the user and referral. (When applicable)

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